Real Estate Commission Advance
Real Estate Commission Advance
Real Estate Commission Advance

Real Estate Commission Advance – Get Your Money Fast!

Real Estate Commission Advance from Accel enables real estate agents in the United States to get their money right away instead of waiting for closing which can take anywhere from thirty days to six months. 

And while you wait, you do not have access to that money for marketing, doing other deals, paying employees, paying contractors, investing in new projects, and growing your business. 

Lost time is lost money. Lost time is missed opportunities. Big businesses never hesitate to use “other people’s money” to finance their growth. They take out loans, sell debt, sell shares of their ownership, factor their receivables, and take out futures contracts to hedge against inflation. 

But too often small businesses stay small because they think small. They launch their next marketing campaign after they get paid. They don’t take on a new deal until they get paid from the last one. They try to finance their growth with their own money, and as a result, they move much slower. They are timid about business finance. They don’t take risks, and they miss opportunities. 

With Real Estate Commission Advances, you can receive some of your cash now to finance operations, and keep moving forward.

What is a Real Estate Commission Advance?

Real Estate Commission advances allow real estate agents and brokers to sell a portion of their pending commissions for a fee, granting them access to their funds right away instead of waiting for closing.

Is a Real Estate Commission Advance a Loan?

No – A Real Estate Commission Advance is NOT a loan. We purchase a portion of what is owed to you for a fee. This is a purchase of an asset that is owed to you. Once we purchase it (at a discount), we own the asset, and we wait until closing to get paid and you get some of your money now. 

What Are Some Advantages to a Real Estate Commission Advance?

For starters – Speed. Our turnaround is often the same day or next day. You get your money right away instead of waiting for closing which can sometimes take months. 

Credit: Since you aren’t taking out a loan, your personal credit isn’t a major factor, which makes the application process much easier – not to mention, these types of advances are almost always approved.

Fees: Also, the fees for a real estate commission advance will tend to be much lower than taking out a loan or using a line of credit to finance your operations as a real estate agent.

Why Would I Use A Real Estate Commission Advance?

Using a Real Estate Commission Advance allows real estate agents and brokers to manage cash flow, pay bills, pay employees, and finance growth while they are waiting to receive funds at closing. 

Businesses that think small tend to stay small. Large companies never hesitate to use “other people’s money” to finance their growth. They borrow money, sell debt in the form of bonds, sell shares, and take futures positions to hedge against price fluctuations. 

Why should small businesses operate differently?

Every day you wait to do your next deal due to lack of funds will set you back because of the time-value of money. You never get that time back. Using a real estate commission advance is a great way to finance future growth and avoid missing opportunities. 

How Does a Real Estate Commission Advance Work?

You sell a portion of a pending commission to us for a fee. You receive your advance on your commission, and we are paid what we are owed at closing by the party in charge of the closing.

About Accel Real Estate Commission Advance:

We are a direct funder, not a broker like most real estate commission advance companies. Because there’s no middleman involved, our fees are among the lowest in the industry, as we pass our savings on to you.

We factor numerous asset classes, helping attorneys, professional athletes, business owners, and of course real estate agents and brokers. Let Accel finance your next Real Estate Commission Advance.

Frequently Asked Questions about Real Estate Commission Advance:

Question: Is there a minimum size commission that you advance Real Estate Agents?

Answer: There is no minimum size commission, but the minimum fee is $250.

Question: Is there a maximum size commission that you advance?

Answer: Yes. The maximum amount is $30,000.

Question: Are there any reserve holdbacks?

Answer: Yes, there is a 10% reserve holdback on every advance.

Question: Are there any administration fees?

Answer: There is a $30 wire fee for any outgoing wires. Agents can opt to receive funds via eCheck for no charge.

Question: Are there any application fees?

Answer: No

Question: Do you advance brokers of record?

Answer: Yes, on a case-by-case basis.

Question: Can I advance more than one deal at a time?

Answer: Yes

Question: How much of my Commission can I Advance?

Answer: Up to 80% of net commission due to agent.

Question: How quickly can I get my advance processed?

Answer: Advances are processed in 48 hours or less – majority of advances fund same day.

Question: Are your advances restricted to a closing within 90 days?

Answer: Within 120 days.

Question: Do you require a minimum size deposit?

Answer: No.

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