Accel Commission Advance is an Official Affiliate of the Long Island Board of Realtors

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Accel Commission Advance (“Accel”) is officially an affiliate of the Long Island Board of Realtors (“LIBOR”). Patrick Conlin, President of Accel, said “the affiliation with a long standing and highly credentialed organization like LIBOR is only the beginning of our growing relationship with the Realtor community on Long Island.”

Long Island is a suburban community outside New York City with a very active real estate market. The LIBOR organization has over 20,000 members and Accel’s real estate commission advance product can help them in their roles as Realtors. Accel is a finance company that specializes in providing real estate agents and brokers funding on their expected commissions from finalized sales. Real estate transactions can be delayed due to certain parties and the processing of paperwork. That means delayed payment for the agent and the broker involved. Accel has provided agents and brokers a way to access a portion of their commissions when they encounter unexpected delays in their transactions.

“We understand the problems some agents and brokers can run into when delays slow down their real estate transactions. That is why we developed this product so they can avoid those issues,” says Conlin.

Companies that provide real estate commission advances are not new. Over the years real estate agents have used the financing provided by these companies as a tool to increase business, build a brand, and get more clients. As more companies advertise their ability to provide funding to agents, many are actually third party brokers and not direct funders. It can be confusing for an agent or broker looking to access funding and end up dealing with a middlemen rather than the actual funder. Time is of the essence in real estate and it shouldn’t be wasted dealing with unnecessary people. A simple Google search of “real estate commission advance” will turn up thousands of results which can be daunting and time consuming to go through.

Accel is a direct funder and not a broker. The company is able to provide funding to real estate agents and brokers with commissions as low as $2,500 to $30,000 and above. Once the application is received and approved, funding can take place within 24 hours. Accel has years of experience working with real estate agents and brokers and understands the real estate business. The company even released a white paper titled “The Essential Guide to Real Estate Commission Advances” to educate those not familiar with real estate commission advances.

The association with LIBOR is part of Accel’s plans to increase their brand awareness expand their presence to the Realtor community. Accel has increased their visibility to realtors by exhibiting at the 2017 Triple Play conference in Atlantic City, the 2017 National Association of Realtors conference in Chicago and other realtor conferences. The company is positioned to provide funding to Long Island real estate agents and brokers and others across the United States should they find themselves facing delays on their commission payment.

Real estate agents and brokers interested in funding or want more information about the process can call 267-769-0747 and speak to one of Accel’s funding experts. They can also apply for funding through Accel’s website.