What is a Realtor Commission Advance?

Couple looking at a house for sale.

A Realtor commission advance allows real estate agents and brokers to convert future commissions into upfront cash for a fee based on the closing date. Because this financial tool is considered an advance and not a loan, most companies offering this solution don’t require a credit check.

Regardless if you are a real estate agent or broker, commission advances allow you and your company to control the necessary cash flow to operate successfully. Applying for a real estate advance can help you eliminate the stress of paying bills on time, paying your employees, and not being able to spend money on marketing and advertising.

Benefits of a Commission Advance for Real Estate Agents & Brokers:

  • Receive an advance based on your future commission before closing.
  • Get paid fast: overnight funding for agents and brokers is possible.
  • Use your advance to pay bills, cover advertising costs, or any other business expenses.
  • Because this is an advance and not a loan, there is no credit check.

How do Realtor Commission Advances Work?

  • Start by Applying Online: our proprietary cloud-based processing system allows us to provide you with advances quickly and efficiently.
  • Email us the necessary documents. These include:
    a. Proper identification, such as your drivers license.
    b. MLS listing of the property showing the status as “under contract, pending or sold”.
    c. Wire instructions (where to send your advance).
    d. Evidence that contingencies have been satisfied.
    e. Commission sharing agreement or documentation showing net fees owed to you.
  • Sign agreement: sign agreement between you and Accel Advance.
  • Receive funds: funds are wired electronically to your bank account.

The Accel Commission Advance Difference

At Accel Commission Advance, we provide flexible cash flow solutions to real estate professionals to help them meet their financial needs. Our friendly staff of funding experts guides each client from beginning to solution. If you think our real estate commission advance funding solutions could be the right fit for you, please call one of our advance specialists at 267-534-7611. Or to apply online, simply CLICK HERE to submit an application.